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Being a member of T-Craft Aero Club is an affordable way to enjoy your love of flying whether you are a student or already have your license.  There are three basic charges:  a membership fee, monthly dues and hourly flying time.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are a one-time charge when you join the club.  In the event you leave the club, your membership fee will be returned less 25%, provided you have been with the club for a minimum of two years.   Membership fees were increased October 9, 2018.  The last time these were increased was 2003.

Class I Membership - $800

Class I membership entitles the club member to fly the Cessna 152 and the club's Cessna 172 aircraft.  This membership is designed for the student pilot and for pilots who do not want to use a Cessna 182.  All new members must receive a checkout in each model of aircraft they fly with a club-approved instructor.

Class II Membership - $1,200

Class II membership entitles the club member to fly any of the club aircraft.  Class I members upgrading to the Cessna 182's are required to upgrade to Class II, have a minimum of 100 hours of total time PIC, and spend a receive a minimum of 5 hours check-out time with a club-approved instructor.

Monthly Dues

In addition to the initial membership fee and the hourly cost of flying time, each member pays a monthly charge that covers the club's fixed costs.  Monthly dues are $125/month ($60 fixed and $65 applied to flying time).  The $65 flying time charge will be credited towards any flight during that month.  This is the club's way of encouraging all members to stay current and safe by flying on a regular basis.  If a member does not fly during the month, they must still pay the full ammount of $125. 

Note:  T-Craft Aero Club is required to charge Idaho state sales tax on the non-fuel portion of our hourly rates. The sales tax adds approximentaly 3% to the rates below.

Hourly Aircraft Rates

Cessna VFR 152         N67375 - $65 - hour wet
Cessna IFR 172M        N4464R - $73 - hour wet
Cessna IFR 172M        N13686 - $75 - hour wet
Cessna VFR 172N      N1293F - $90 - hour wet
Cessna VFR 182H      N1891X - $125 - hour wet
Cessna IFR 182P        N9989E - $128 - hour wet
Cessna IFR 182Q       N7593S - $128 - hour wet

Monthly Dues and Hourly Rates current as of 1/31/2019.  Generaly rates may change as fuel prices fluctuate.

If you're interested in joining T-Craft, please contact us.