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As of October, 2016 we have reached our maximum membership cap of 112 and are accepting new members on a wait list basis.  In order to get on the wait list, fill out the following: Wait List Form and follow the instructions.  As of March 2019 the wait time is approximantly one year.  You will be considered for membership when your name raises to the top of the list and you are contacted by the membership director.

All prospective members must read the T-Craft Information and Application Packet which includes detailed information on T-Craft policies, operating procedures, and the application form you need to fill out.

It is also recomended that you read the Constitution and By-Laws to understand how the club is organized and run by its members  .

If you have questions about the club, please contact the Membership Director, Jim Hudson, at 208-863-4835 or flynjim@yahoo.com, or any member of the Board of Directors.

Process for Joining T-Craft Aero Club

You will need to attend the next T-Craft Board Meeting to be accepted for membership.  A list of upcoming meeting dates is available on the T-Craft Calendar

Please bring the following items to your T-Craft Board Meeting interview:

bulletCompleted Membership Application
bullet Completed New Member Questionnaire
bulletCheck payable to T-Craft Aero Club for appropriate membership fee ($800 for Class I or $1,200 for Class II)
bulletDriver's license copy
bulletDriving record which can be purchased online from the Idaho DMV.  This link was current as of 2/10/2017, but subject to change.  Request a personal record, complete history.  Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles
bulletCurrent pilots need to bring copies of your Medical Certificate or Basic Med documents, Pilot Certificate (both sides), and most recent Flight Review endorsement.  New student pilots can provide these documents as they are earned after joining the club, however it is strongly suggested that Student pilots obtain your FAA Medical before joining the club. No membership refund will be given for failure to obtain a medical..
bulletCompleted Insurance Pilot History Form

The T-Craft hangar is located at the Nampa Municipal Airport.  The main security gate is on Airport Road immediately west of the Warhawk Air Museum.  View the map or get driving directions from .  For security reasons, the gate code will not be published here.  Please contact the Membership Director for further instructions to the T-Craft hangar.

First Things to do as a New Member

bulletAfter being approved for membership by the Board of Directors, you will need to attend the next general membership meeting (see the club calendar for dates).  You can schedule planes and start flying after your check-out immediately after board approval, however you must attend the next general membership to be introduced, and voted in by the club membership.
bulletSetup a time to meet with your sponsor (any existing club member).  Don't worry if you don't already know a club member, we will find a sponsor for you.  Your sponsor will show you around the hangar, answer your questions, and make sure you understand the procedures for reserving, checking out a plane, refueling, and post-flight cleaning.
bulletYou will need to get checked out by a club approved CFI for all models you intend to fly.  For each aircraft model, you'll have to fill out a data sheet (on the Fleet page) prior to your checkout.  Checklist and POH are on the fleet page. Schedule a club check out flight(s) with a club-approved instructor.