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"Go up two or three times and you'll be hooked" is how one of the charter members of T-Craft Aero Club explained her love of flying to a newspaper reporter in 1975.  T-Craft Aero Club had just been organized by about 20 pilots and student pilots with two aircraft and an immeasurable enthusiasm for flying.

We purchaced an Aeronca Champ 7AC at the end of 2014.  This clasic aircraft allows members to obtain their tailwheel endorsement.  It also falls into the Light Sport category, in which new members can earn their Sport Pilot certifacte.  The enthusiasm for flying has not waned.  Members use the aircraft for local flying within the valley, flying across the state, across the country and even international flying.  It is the goal of the club to maintain a fleet of safe aircraft for the private pilot and student pilot, and to operate those aircraft at the lowest cost possible.  The club now has seven aircraft and maintains a membership ratio of 15 members per aircraft. 

We have reached the maximum number of members of 105 and are accepting new members on a wait list basis. To find out more about the wait list process, click on the Membership tab.

T-Craft Aero Club is owned by its members and is operated on a non-profit basis.  Members elected to the Board of Directors provide the leadership and administration of the club.  The club operates out of Nampa Municipal Airport, KMAN.  The club owned hanger provides security and protection from the elements.  The Club provides an engine heater and heated hangar bay for the planes in the winter months.  Insurance is also provided as part of membership.  Please browse through our web page for more information about our club.


Scheduling the use of the aircraft is managed with Schedule Master on the internet.  It is usually possible to reserve the specific aircraft needed for a trip although there are instances when a substitution is necessary.

Take a flight with us - You'll be hooked!