Have you always dreamed of flying? T-Craft Aero club offers the best way to "Put Wings" on that dream to fly. Joining T-Craft offers you low hourly rates, safe and well maintained aircraft, and a cadre of well seasoned flight instructors. When you’re finished, you'll be flying the familiar planes that you used in your training. If you train at a flight school, most have limited rental policies and do not want you to use their planes for overnight or extended trips. In addition you will have to pay for renters insurance to be covered at most flight schools. T-Craft includes insurance as part of membership during and after you training.

Take a Discovery Flight. You will receive an introductory flight lesson with one of our FAA certified instructors. You will participate in the pre-flight inspection, be briefed on take off, basic maneuvers, approach and landing at the Nampa Airport. The flight itself will take an approximately 30 minutes in which you will be at the controls most of the time. This will familiarize you with the airplane, the airport and the awe of flying. After the flight, the instructor will answer your questions and discuss the requirements, training materials, typical time and cost it will take to earn your pilot certificate. You will log flight time and receive a certificate which will count towards your flight training hours. The cost of the discovery flight is $100 in the C152 or $120 in the C172.

Contact one of the club member instructors listed below to arrange this flight. A discovery flight is also a great gift for a special occasion. Click on Discovery Flight Certificate for more details about the flight and/or to print a gift certificate. A discovery flight is a great gift to give to someone who has always dreamed of flying, or wondered what it would be like.

To read some stories of other people who took the step you're thinking of taking, check out AOPA’s (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) you can fly page.

Name Email Phone
John Baglien jbaglien@yahoo.com 208-830-2167
Jeff Fulcher jeffrey.fulcher@gmail.com 208-378-0847
Pete Glick idahoavi8or@gmail.com 208-724-5040
Gordon Hall gordonhall52@gmail.com 208-250-9635
Greg Herbert gregherbert222@gmail.com 208-870-9040
Jim Hudson flynjim@yahoo.com 208-863-4835
Jim Manley jim@JRManley.com 208-475-3280
David Meisner dbmeisner@hotmail.com 208-991-0986
David Nejely nejely@inlandmgt.com 208-398-3292
Jeff Norris jeffnrrs@gmail.com 541-817-3646
James Patterson idahopilot@gmail.com 208-340-5870
Ivan Sudac dragonsudac@gmail.com 208-340-1492
Slay Windham slaywindham@gmail.com 208-863-4104

If you join the club, you have access to the several additional non-member flight instructors. T-Craft approved instructors.

Federal Aviation Regulations require a minimum of 40 hours flying time under the supervision of an instructor. While many students complete requirements in 45-55 hours flying time, some will take longer. Ground school is also recommended, but many students study at home with DVD or on-line study programs offered by several companies.

The time and cost for a student to get his/her private pilot's certificate varies. If you stick to a regular schedule of couple lessons per week, most students can complete the requirements in 6 to 8 months for approximately $11,000 - $12,000, depending on the aircraft used for training. For a more detailed cost estimate and FAA requirements for obtaining a private pilot certificate, click on Private Pilot Cost Estimate. If you're interested in joining T-Craft Aero Club and earning your pilot certificate, or have additional questions please contact us.