The following is a list of T-Craft Approved Instructors. One of these instructors must be used for all training in T-Craft aircraft. Exceptions must be approved by the Board of Directors in writing prior to flight time. Rates and services may change and it is suggested you verify information listed with the instructor of choice.

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John Baglien* CFI 208-830-2167 $50 Primary, BFR, High Performance, and Backcountry
Jim Carpenter* ATP/CFII/MEI 703-635-5431 $45 Instrument, BFR, IPC
Brian Case CFII 208-890-0358 $55 / $40 Primary, BFR, High Performance, Instrument, Tailwheel, Glider,
$400 for 10 Hr Block Rate
Gérard Cattin*
CFI 206-313-9779 $45 BFR, Complex, High Performance, Refresher Training.
Pat Drisol CFII/MEI 208-861-6707 $50 BFR, IPC, Complex, High Performance, Tailwheel.
Jeff Fulcher* CFII 208-484-0372
$40 BFR, IPC, Backcountry, Complex, High Performance
Pete Glick* CFII/AGI 208-724-5040 $50 Instrument, Commercial, BFR, IPC, High Performance, Backcountry.
Riley Gilder CFII 208-473-9494 $50 Commercial, Instrument, BFR, IPC, Complex (leave a message or Text)
Gordon Hall* CFII 208-250-9635 $40 Instrument, High Performance Check-out, Backcountry, BFR
Greg Herbert* CFII / MEI, DPE 208-870-9040 $50 Designated Examiner, BFR, IPC

Bill Howard*

CFII / MEI 303-945-5084 $40 Instrument, Commercial, IPC, BFR, High Performance, Club Check-out
Jim Hudson* CFI 208-863-4835 $50 BFR, High Performance, Club Check-out, Spin Training, Backcountry Training
Jim Manley* CFII 208-475-3280 $50 Primary, Commercial, Instrument, BFR, IPC, High Performance, Aircraft Check-out
Holbrook Maslen CFII 208-863-0246 $45 Tailwheel, BFR, MEL, Instrument, Complex,
Backcountry $65/hr, under 16 Free
David Meisner* CFII/AGI/IGI/MEI 208-991-0986 $40 Primary, Instrument, IPC, High Performance, Complex, BFR, Club Check-out
David Nejely* CFII/MEI 208-615-5277 $50 Primary, Commercial, Instrument, BFR, IPC, High Performance, Club Check-out
Jeff Norris* CFII/AGI 541-817-3646 $55-$45

Primary, BFR, High Performance, Instrument, IPC, Helicopter.  Prepaid rates: $55 (1-9 hrs), $53 (10-19 hrs), $50 (20-29 hrs), $48 (30-39 hrs)  $45 (40 or more hours)

Erick Paradizo CFII/AGI/IGI 208-599-8560 $50 Primary, Commercial, Instrument, BFR, IPC, CFI, CFII, Spin Training, High Performance, Aircraft Check-out
James Patterson* CFII 208-340-5870 $50 Commercial, BFR, High Performance, Instrument, IPC, BackCountry, Tailwheel
Rick Reierson CFII/AGI/IGI/MEI 208-866-7009 $60 Primary, Instrument, BFR, IPC, Commercial, CFI, CFII, Backcountry
Wade Spradley CFI 208-392-3500 $40 Primary, Commercial, High Performance, BFR
Ivan Sudac* CFII 208-340-1492 $50 Commercial, Instrument, High Performance, Complex, BFR, IPC, BackCountry, Tailwheel.
Slay Windham* CFII 208-863-4104 $40 Primary, Instrument, BFR, IPC, Commercial, High Performance, Club Check-out
Instructors not taking on any new members / students - will continue with former students/members
Jeff Beers CFII 208-761-1219 $40 BFR, IPC, Hi Performance, Backcountry - Level I
Charlie Wambolt* CFII/MEI 602-763-7131 $45 BFR, IPC, Complex, High Performance Check-out

* Club Member